XBox 360 ‘Starter Kit’ announced

It has been announced that an entry level XBox 360 ‘Starter Kit’ will soon be released, most likely mid-November to take advantage of the new XBox Experience dropping on November 19th, 2008 and gearing up for holiday sales.

This entry level kit will include a 60GB HD XBox 360 as well as a ‘wired’ headset, a single controller, and a 3 month trial subscription to MIcrosoft Live – Gold.

Retail price is rumored to be $199 (although that’s not confirmed).  That’s a pretty sweet deal.


Movies: Official Wonder Woman website?

I came across this link today that appears to be the the official website of DC’s (and Warner Bros.) first heroine of merit, Wonder Woman. 

The poster will be revealed over time and I look forward to seeing more, however, an announced release date suggests the Amazon Princess will make her silver screen debut sometime in 2011.

I also found an interesting link that points to actress Linda Atkinson as a possible lead.  Although this is only a very preliminary guess and speculation at this time, Linda Atkinson nickname has become recently known as Wonderwoman.  Time will tell if this pans out.

An onslaught of titles for the 360


It seems a damn busy time in the realm of console games for personal consumption over the next few weeks.  With so many A & B titles being released for my 360, I have no idea on which ones to grab first.  With the average price being $60 each to, I really have to be careful in my choices.  Hopefully for our 5th wedding anniversary, my wife will also be getting me a certificate for one of the store to help out.

So let’s see, what do I have to choose from:

  • Fable II: I loved the first Fable and had a blast completing it on my original Xbox.  I like the idea of revisting the world of Albion, especially with an AI dog as my companion and the co-op online mechanic.  Reviews of this game have been highly positive and a reads like a great solo casual RPG that isn’t overly complex.
  • Far Cry 2: I never played the original, but I like the idea of the open style sand box of a 20+ square miles of Africa.  The visuals look lush, and decisions really do count in the game and affect how you progress.  I also like the idea that the game never breaks for pauses if you need to look at a map or inventory….It’s all real time.  Explosions and fire mechanics look great.  Another highly reviewed game, although there is a comment about inconsitent damage to baddies.
  • Fallout 3: I never played the originals, so I’m a bit unfamilar with the Fallout universe, but hey, it’s Bethesda.  A lot of great hype is surrounding this game and the visuals I’ve seen are also fantastic.  Promises over 100+ hours of game play with a lot of RPG elements and special effects.  Can we sat VAT and PipBoy?  Yup…I’m in for this one.
  • GH-WT: Though I am just scratching the surface of my recent Rock Band 2, I totally play these games with my friends and can spend hours on the music rhythm genre.  Much more customization and a killer song list.  I’m also jonesing for the re-tooled guitar (bigger, badder).  There will be a lot of late night weekends coming up with my house band rocking the party soon.
  • Tom Clancy’s End War:  Voice controlled RTS set in the Clancy universe. ‘Nuff said.
  • Gear of War 2:  I may put this one on the back burner for now as I still need to complete the original GoW.  I figure I’m about 50% done on that one?
  • BIA – Hell’s Highway:  I’ll get this eventually.  Maybe when the price drops or it becomes a Platinum Hit.  Got above average scores and I enjoy that kind of strategic FPS’s.
  • Dead Space: Also looks good.  I like the story line premise, even though it may not be super original.  Reminds me of the original ‘Alien’ movie.  Already out and the user community says its a nail biter.  Maybe another I’ll wait for the Platinum Hit price drop.
  • Banjo Kazooie – Nuts & Bolts: I like the cheaper price point of $40 and it looks to be a fun ‘casual’ style platformer.  I’ve never palyed any of the Banjo games before, but I really like the ‘Lego’-ish aspect of collecting parts and building my own creations to solve puzzles. 
  • Call of Duty – World at War: Another in which I suppose I should finish CoD4 before I buy this one.  Although I’m tired of WWII games, it is CoD afterall, and the idea that it’s in a different theatre now…along with flamethrowers makes this look interesting to me.
  • Wrath of the Lich King: Okay, so technically not a console game, I do love my WoW and this will be a must buy on my list.

All the games I listed here either just came out this past week, or will be out before the end of November.  That’s a lot for such a small window of time.  Thankfully there’s nothing I really see on the horizon after November that I’m really stoked about as the games above (even if I end up getting 2 or 3) should keep me busy for many months to come.  My 360 will be very busy.

I think my top runners right now are Fable II, Fallout 3 and Guitar Hero: WT.   Now I just need to prioritize and come to the realization that a few will not be purchased until sometime in 2009, and hopefully by then, many of the prices will indeed drop.

EA’s “Army of Two” adapted as a movie.

Universal Pictures has acquired screen rights to the Electronic Arts video game “Army of Two” reports the trades.

Having sold more than a million units since it launched in March, the two-player game is a contest in which a pair of private military contractors fight their way through a web of intrigue.

“The Bourne Ultimatum” co-writer Scott Z. Burns will adapt the property which will fast-track the project to begin production in 2009.

Scott Stuber will produce with EA, the first time the video game manufacturer has been directly involved in a film production.

Ghost Rider: Vintage Cover Catalog

1951 Ghost Rider #1

1951 Ghost Rider #1

In trying to find a nice cover image of issue #27 of the the latest incaranation of Marvel’s Ghost Rider series (2007), I came across this link courtesy of Cover Browser.  They also have the 1951 series linked here.

There are numerous comic titles listed here and a fun jaunt down both memory lane and also various comic cover artist appreciation. 

Just for grins and giggles, click on the Twighlight Zone link and discover a treasure trove of awesome painted comic book covers (Gold Key imprint) inspired by Rod Serling’s timeless show.

There’s a whole host of fun covers over there to look at and study.