So what exactly is KaBlam! all about?

KaBlam! gets its name from your typical comic book sound effect, much like the words Kaboom, Pow! Rat-tat-tat, or Snikt! may grace the panels of your favorite superhero tale.  I wanted a name that was both unique in flavor, but also identifiable to those that may come across this blog as an instant understanding on the type of content they may find here.

But KaBlam! is hopefully much more than just comic book talk.  I intended for a blog that would celebrate the things and genres that make up my world, that make me excited and want to talk with other people about.  You may not find to much here on sports scores, muscle cars, obscure bands or relationship advice, but more so topics that include comic books, video games, science fiction (TV shows, movies, books), collectible toys, nostaligic memorabilia, and maybe even a sprinking of professional wrestling from time to time.

While you may say, “But wait!  There’s aleady so many websites dedicated to these things already.  Why would I want to visit KaBlam!?”  While I’ll agree that there are indeed those sites (I’ll even add some of the most well dones ones here in a ‘Blogroll’ or ‘Links’ section), I wanted to create a place that offered a tasting all of these things, or at least tid-bits of information without getting into a Wikipedia sized format. 

So, who is KaBlam!?  As I start this blog for your perusal and hopefully your enjoyment, let me give you some background on me.  My name is Jayson Olson and I was born in 1970.  I’m a single child and have lived in southern California my whole life.  I graduated HSU college in 1993 with a degree in Business Administration and minored in Computer Information Systems.  I was president of my fraternity, Delta Sigma Phi, and have had such jobs as a insurance auditor, liquor salesman, desktop support technician, and for the past 7+ years a telecom technician working with large Avaya PBX and voicemail systems.

Always a curious person and liking to challenge myself to one degree or another, I have been involved in many side-projects/hobbies and have continued my education over the years.   I have a CA real estate license, my CompTia A+ and Industrial Automation certifications, attended culinary classes, own my own internet based doggie treat business (www.pawpantry.com), and a  canine inspired blog (thedailywoof.blogspot.com), to name a few.

I have always been an avid reader, at times juggling 2 novels in addtion to dozens of comics, technical white papers and magazines at any given time.  Perhaps because I was raised a single child, I learned to entertain myself at a young age and developed a very active imaginationn.

It was the year of 1977 that changed my life forever.  My parents took me to see a movie at the Newport Coast Edwards Cinema near Fashion Island when I was 7 years old.  That movie….STAR WARS.

Since the very first time that Tantive IV flew over my right shoulder only to be chased by a much larger Imperial Star Destroyer in a background of stars and Tatooine in full Dolby sound did I feel my eyes and ears were really first opened.  Who can forget the first time a dark clad Darth Vader strolled through a forced opening on the counseler ship, his breath modulated by a respirator, standing confident at over 6 feet tall?

Like I said, my life was changed forever.

In the years to come I devoured what any young boy could when it came to this wonderous universe.  And that was just the beginning.  Next came the comic books from Marvel and DC, and the collection grew and grew.  It soon came to include imprints from Image, Devil’s Due, Ultraverse, Dark Horse and many others.  Then it was the toys: G.I.Joe, Transformers, M.U.S.C.L.E, Micronauts, Lego’s.  Shows included Star Trek, Battlestar Gallactica, Buck Rogers, V, The Twilight Zone, Knight Rider and so on. 

Movies such as Blade Runner, Close Encounters of the Thrid Kind, Indiana Jones, James Bond, Independance Day, Back to the Future, Terminator, etc. began to open my mind to the limitless worlds, gadgets, and parallel universes.

I don’t think of myself as a full fledged geek or nerd, but the terms do not offend me.  I don’t wear a pocket protector, coke sized glasses, or speak with a lisp.  I’m actually pretty athletic and at one point in my life when I was avidly lifting weights, could bench press 340lbs.  I stand 5’10”, Italian, and weigh a muscular 220lbs.  I’m married and had plenty of girlfriends growing up, and still maintain some of the closest friendships I had with people I was growing up with.

I love video games.  Even at my current age of 38, I play my Xbox and Wii religiously.  I love City of Heroes and World of Warcraft on my PC (which I built no less), and yet I still find time to spend with my family, my dog, cook a mean BBQ, my microbrews, and attend church on a fairly regular basis.

Okay, so maybe I’m going on and on here, but I wanted to share who I was with you and see where I was coming from.  If you think I’m a geeky nerd, thats okay too.  I want you to leave comments.  I want you to initaite discussion here.  I want to talk sci fi with you…..quite honestly, it’s over the head of my wife and family and even some of my coworkers.  I’d much rather talk about DC’s Crisis Countdown than I would about Dell Servers and IP address schemas anyday.  I want to talk about my favorite Star Trek episode: “City of the Edge of Forever” than NFL drafts.

So welcome once again to KaBlam!

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