Comics: Final Crisis #3

WW hiding in the shadows of this book...for good blows.

WW hiding in the shadows of this book...for good blows.

After a longer than usualy delay in reading my monthly books, I final got to tackle Final Crisis #3, and I can say so far I am still not impressed.

I can’t say I’m totally confused on whats going on in this 7 issue series, but there’s really nothing I am compelled to get excited about so far, perhaps because the book jumps around so much with no real flow.  It didn’t help there was a delay between issues #2 and #3 that helped me even forget further what ‘may’ be important.

I picked up the alternate cover with a very nice painting of Supergirl on the cover, and then realizes she wasn’t in this book at all.  Odd.  In issue #2 we saw that Batman was captured, yet nothing in #3 even mentions his whereabouts. 

There’s a few pages of Frankenstien and The Question that for me came out of left field and alludes to the Anti-Life equation.  Um,…Okay….

Then there is the ridiculous turn of Mary Marvel…yet again….in as so many months.  I liked her look and turn when she was first granted the corupted powers by Black Adam.  That was interesting until the female version of Eclipso came around and muddled up what I thought was an exciting chracter re-emergence in Mary.  By the end of Countdown, Mary seemed to be her old self again, rejecting the evil side and got yet another new outfit.  Now I don’t pick up every DC book, but what the heck happened in the last few weeks where Mary Marvel is now eveil again (I surmise by Granny Goodness) and wearing one of the most hideous costumes that DC has green lit in a while (I take that back…DC seems to be okay with numerous ridiculous costumes as of late).  Anyway, the whole Mary Marvel thing in my opinion is a colossal cluster.  Why are we dedicating Wonder Woman to this sub-plot?

It appears the only thing that really continues is that Hal Jordon has been taken custody by teh Alpha Lanterns which can only be a set up for the upcoming Green Lantern maxi-series.

The reforming and handling of the All Star Squadron seems baffling.  If there is a common threat to Earth and the Universe, why now do the heroes need an act of Congress (article X) to be imposed upon them?  I don’t get the logic or purpose there.  So all the other times the heroes got together before, why didn’t they enact article X?  They just come together here and pose in some splash page for who knows what.

The only redeeming plotline was Sumo being rescued at the airport by some of the Japanese teen heroes.  That was fun.

Also a brief explanation of Barry Allen’s possible return was building to an exciting moment for me, but just came short of delivering there as well.  Perhaps issue 4.

Finally, I thought Libra was supposed to be the main villian here and his sub-plot also seems to be over shadowed by all the other chaos within the book.  I suspect Libra is actually someone we already know, perhaps a goon of Darksied that will be revealed later on.

I know other reviews of the book, like over at CBR gave this issue a 4.5 out of 5.  I just don’t see it.  I give this issue a lukewarm 2 out of 5 at best.

Comix: Final Crisis #2

Final Crisis #2So I eagerly picked up FC #2 yesterday trying to see if my slight dissapointment with the first issue could be alleviated.

Well, after devouring it from cover to cover all I can say is that I have mixed feelings, and not for the better.

Again, like issue number 1, the first few pages just seem like they came from left field.  We are introduced to a Japanese nightclub filled with numerous 20-something old powered patrons shown dancing and drinking and taking in the nightlife.  There is a brief altercation between a reknown popular superpowered sumo fighter and a mecha- suited guy looking to make a name for himself via a challenge.  So after 6 pages or so of this set up and build…..cut…new scene: DC heros mourning Martian Manhunter.

Um….okay?  What was that all about?  Why introduce all these Japanese characters in a nightclub scene?  It actually made me think about more questions such as: Why has DC never really focused on this segment before…that is supposedly established groups or even established metahuman cultures in other countries?  Yeah, there’s been some exposure to Soviet and even Chinese hero’s, but this just came across as way too casual.  See, when Superman flies by, even though he’s an established character, he still inspires awe and wonderment from the citizens of Metropolis or the world over….like ‘seeing’ a superhero is a ‘big deal’.  Apparently not so in Japan….it’s part of the ‘norm’?

Is it me or does Libra just not yet inspire grandeur of being a main player?  I still look at Lex Luthor and Vandal Savage as power players, and Libra just comes across as a costumed B-lister.  I don’t think Grant Morrison has done a well enough job yet in defining Libra’s motivations or powers.  After 2 issues (of the scheduled 7), I just don’t “get” Libra.

The rest of the DC Universe is investigating the murder of Martian Manhunter and Batman finds himself in a confrontation with an Alpha Lantern who seems to be shutting him down at every turn.  Hal Jordan also faces his ring being shut down by the Alpha Lanterns as he is to be arrested and investigated as well for his supposed ‘role’ in the Manhunters murder.  This upsets Superman.  But these sequence of events aren’t explored enough in detail to make logical sense.  I mean, how does an Alpha Lantern shut of Hal’s ring?  This is the same Hal whose ring as Parallex was virtually unstop-able…leading me to wonder why then if OA and the Lanterns have the ‘ability’ to shut off a ring at will…..then why the hell didn’t they do that eons ago when Hal was on a rampage?  And Batman being bested in his general approach to things and then captured via a Boom Tube by this rogue Alpha with ulterior motives…I dunno.

I have a suspicious feeling the way the Lantern Corps and OA are involved so far that Final Crisis is really no more than a pilot to get the next big DC arc of the ground…The Blackest Night…which would do the whole Final Crisis resolution a big disservice.