Kablam Comix is a both a love/hate blog for me.  When I first started it some time back, I was really hoping to be vigilant at it and have, if not daily, frequent updates in discussing the things I really enjoy: comic books, science fiction movie and television, geeky conventions, pro-wrestling, and of course gaming. 

I didn’t want to be the next ‘Around Comics’, ‘Endgadget’, ‘Dark Horizons’ or ‘The Escapist’.  I just wanted it to be casual, something akin to “Hey, I just read the lasted issue of Green Lantern and while I don’t follow the title religiously, I do like the ‘Blackest Night’ story arc event, what do you think about it?”  You know, just a place for a few fun reviews and random thoughts on such nerdy topics.

However, with my recent work schedule, prioritizing family time, and other obligations it seems that the hobbies I love so much began taking a back seat to what I really wanted to accomplish here.  A few days led to a few weeks which in turn led to a few months, and as you can see by this post date, it’s been a while since I’ve been here. 

And that saddens me.

Not in the way like I fell down and skinned my knee and whimpered, but in the way that I get really excited about all this stuff but never seem to find the time to write.  And then when I do have the time to write, then the problem is what to write about.  Not due to lack of content or ideas, but just the opposite; there is so much, I then can’t decide what to weed out and concentrate on.  The whole time this blog has been on my mind.  Believe me, it never left, it’s just been tucked away in the recesses of my head, perkalating to get back out.

Then the thought hit me: Podcasting.

I have the equipment to do a podcast, I think I have the ability to talk about all this stuff content wise, it’s just a matter of me sitting down and finding a freebie hosting site that is more or less plug-n-play for me to rattle off the occasional show and upload it.  With that being said, of course I still plan on doing written entries (where time allows it), they just may be slightly smaller in scope, but also attempting to do an unscripted variety podcast and see where that takes me.  Say an episode that may talk about the X-man, new Xbox games I’m playing, recent Netflix movies I’ve watched, and some gadget I read an article about all in the span of 20 minutes or so.  They may be shorter, they may be longer.  I guess the only way to know is to just ‘go for it’, so hopefully in the next few weeks, (at least that is my bold plan right this second), I will try to find a hosting service like ‘Podbean’, ‘Libsyn’ or ‘BluBrry’ to carry a few direct links and see how that goes or grows. 

If you like it, let me know.  If you don’t, tell me what to change.  Either way, I hope to get a little more mileage out this starting soon.