Gaming: “I am Murloc” for GH III

Smells a little fishy?I love it when designers, programmers, and producers from varying but overlapping segments within the gaming industry get together and can issue something for the fans….just because they love the the aspect of gaming. 

And what makes it even sweeter than an unexpected l33t drop from fishing at Booty Bay? 

They do it for free!!

So it seems the fine people over at Blizzard have a passion for Guitar Hero, and there own internal house band, Level 70 Elite Tauren Chieftan, has forked over their song “I am murloc” to the wizards over at Activision for a 14mb DLC track single for GH III.  And again….it’s free!! 

I find it so cool that sometimes these companies can give away something to the fans without ‘$$’ in their eyes, especially for such a beloved game like GH III that seems to be suffering from occasional dry spells of DLC tracks.

Bungie/Microsoft collaborated a year ago and allowed for the release of the Halo 3 theme for GH III as well.  Though that one may be a little strange to play as it can be a little long, slow in parts, heavy in others, and a unique translation to guitar.

I downloaded it this morning as soon as I heard about, and now I look forward to getting home to play it….that is as a warm up to GH: Aerosmith to be released the next few days.

7 Responses

  1. Very Nice Body =)

  2. Wow can we can a pic of the rest of you? 😛

    You are a hottie……

  3. Wrlwrlwrlwrl… I am Murloc!

    I love the Murloc song… I hate Murlocs >: \

    • lol instant turn on! SERIOUSLY and this heather chick’s a hater! Murlocs are almost cooler than FROGS! i mean i’ll admit i liked chain lightninging their ass without guilt but why HATE murlocs? (i under estimated murlocs in RoC intro, then i played the Maelstrom in FT)

  4. Nice Tattoo, even nicer figure. But is the pic of you or someone else? If you, did the tat hurt and who done it for you? I’ve considered getting something done thats a mix of tribal and wow related.

  5. Tattoos are a very bad idea ! it never wears off, she will regret it

  6. i need to c most down the vagina mmm

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