Get your discounted Lich King strategy guide

Lich King strategy guide

Lich King strategy guide

If you’re a World of Warcraft fan like me, you probably didn’t waste any time getting your hands on the recently released expnasion, Wrath of the Lich King.

Because there is just so much going on anymore with all the classes, new areas, battlegrounds, dungeons and more, I opted to but the strategy book from Brady Games.  I purchased the original guide after the original game dropped and even today I still use it as a valuable resource guide when I’m not using Wowwiki or Thottbot.

Brady usually does a great job in putting out a very detailed and colorful guide, especially for large games.  There are always a few minor mistakes, and you can’t blame Brady as the developer always tends to make last minutes changes and patches even after the game is released.

But if you’ve already dropped $39.99 for the regular edition of the game, or $69.99 for teh CE like me, you may not want to spend the $24.99 for the 352 page companion guide.  Well, you don’t have too.  I found that both and currently have the guide listed at $14.99 (40% or $10 off), and if you go to and print out their ‘20% off any on item’, you can get it from them for $19.99. 

And if you don’t care about a slight bend or worn spine, you can even find some listed in the ‘used’ section of as well.  They are new by all means, but may have some minor cosmetic flaws.

Sadly EBgames and GameStop are selling it for full price (as of this writing).

One of the topics the guide covers is ‘Complete Crafting Coverage’, meaning every recipe for every crafting profession is listed in detail.  Whew.  That will be such an aide as I often forget where I can farm items and end up paying inflated pricing on the auction houses.


Movies: Captain America possibly gets writers

captamerica1Scripters for the previously released “Narnia” films are in negotiations to script “First Avenger: Captain America” for Marvel Studios.  They are Christopher Markus and Stepehen McFeely.

Early information on the movie has Captain realizing his origin on becoming America’s first super soldier during World War II as he fights the Nazi’s and evil scientists.  The movie should close with Cap being put on ice as when the ensemble movie “Avengers” is released, it will be set in modern times, and of course, Captain America will be there.

Captain America is scheduled for a May 6, 2011 released.

Personal gaming journal #4



It’s been a while since I did one of these.  Not sure why I’ve been saving this up for so long, or if you’re really interested in it or not, but the last few days I just find myself acting as excited as a giddy little school girl who just doesn’t have enough time to get my fix on.

Rock Band 2: Well, Harmonix finally released the 20 freebie songs if you registered with your RB2 code (inside manual). It was a whopping 540+ MB download, and that’s all I did so far…download them.  I was trying to rally my friends to come over this past Friday night to play, but I couldn’t pull it off.  I’ve been itching to play lately, but other things have been getting in the way.

Fable II: The first weekend it came out, I bought it and played pretty straight solid days on it.  Instead of taking the critical path like many players do and finish it in under 15 hours, I like to take my time and do many of the side quests, upgrade my character and explore.  I figure I’ve spent a total of 15 hours in game so far, but at my pace, perhaps am only about 50% done with the main story.  Unfortunately, I don’t think Fable II lived up to it’s hype.  While it is indeed fun, many of the quests do seem a bit repetitive, some tasks slightly mundane, and there are some glaring inconsistencies within the world of Albion and game mechanics.  In all seriousness I’d probably give this game a B/B-.  The good news is thous is that Lionhead Studios has announced that there will be some premium DLC headed this way soon, and I believe it may be free.  I’ll comment more in-depth about Fable II in a later post.

City of Heroes: My once favorite online game has been sitting on the sidelines for a bit now.  I have conflicting feelings on getting back into it.   Like any online game a person sinks so much time into, my superhero, Mighty Ra (champion server, lvl48) is very dear to my heart, and I have a hard time pulling the plug on my subscription right now.  But the fact of the matter is I haven’t felt NCsoft or Cryptic Studios has made any compelling content or world story arc to get me super interested any longer.  The latest issue, I believe #13, has been on hold for a bit now…well longer than a while…and doesn’t seem to offer much new content, basically changes to early level leveling mechanics, some PvP balancing, and improvements to bases (which no one really uses anyway….which is too bad.  Everyone was super excited when bases were originally announced, but once implemented, it doesn’t seem Supergroups use them the way they were originally conceived to be used, a shame really).  Anyway, because Issue 13 is delayed, that also mean Issue 14 is delayed as well.  Sigh.

Mercenaries 2: There is supposed to be some free DLC as well that was targeted to hit in October, but has been delayed.  It was rescheduled for early November, but as of today, it hasn’t hit yet either.  New skins will allow you to play as Barack Obama or Sarah Palin.  Now that Obama has been elected, I wonder if they have to change it, hence the delay.

World of Warcraft: Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past week, Blizzard released the second expansion, Wrath of the Lich King, last week to it’s 13M+ subscribers.  The regular edition is $39.99, but the collectors edition (CE) runs $69.99.  I waited to long to decide which one I wanted and so when it was released to the public, all the CE’s in the area have been sold out.  I’ve been checking Amazon on a daily basis and they have been sold out a week as well, allowing for crazy price gougers to sell new copies for as high as $150 a copy.  You can still buy the CE’s online, and after a week of waiting, my patience ran out, and I bought a copy from EBgames.  The one think I don’t like and is clearly bogus in my eyes is EBgames ‘justification’ to charge an additional $4.99 ‘special handling’ fee because the box is slightly larger than most PC games.  Total crap.  If and many other sellers can ship for free, or regular shipping charges, how EBgames says it costs an additional $4.99 for handling is beyond me.  Just a way to get another $5 out of people.  Well, in the end, they win, because I’m a sucker and I ordered one.  Total cost after tax and shipping – $80.79.  So I paid an additional $5 to save my from driving all over and wasting time walking in and out of stores.

So speaking of WoW, that’s been my big kick again as I’m really holding off on buying any new XBox games right now.  At least until Christmas is over.  In a nutshell, this casual player was able to get my human paladin to lvl 68 this past weekend after running two instances in the Burning Furnace and some questing in Blade’s Edge.  Also working on my blacksmithing skill (currently 245) and starting to make some ‘blue’ weapons and armor.  Having a lot of fun doing it as well.

I also worked on my level 34 Draenei priest yesterday, trying to get him to 35 in Desolace.  He also has professions in enchanting and tailoring.  Playing a priest can be difficult.  They don’t cause a lot of damage and armor is a bit low (priests are more known for healing abilities and as an aide in dungeons as the primary healer).  Makes for long questing as I don’t have enough money to outfit him with nice equipment.  Tailoring is also hard.  It’s difficult to make money early on with limited items to create, but now that I got to tailoring 100+, I just learned to make bolts of silk cloth, and items that use spider silk as well.  I should be able to create items, then enchant them, and put them on the auction house to get more money soon.  But this character (specced Shadow) is a slow grind.

Comics: G.I. Joe #0 (IDW)

Joe #0, Cvr A

Joe #0, Cvr A

Oh, boy.  Oh, boy.  Was I ever excited to walk into my local comic book store yesterday and pick up the teaser issue for the new G.I. Joe imprint from IDW Publishing.  There are two covers for issue #0: cover A and cover B.  Of course, for just $1 each, I picked them both up.

Issue #0 can be best described as a preview or introductory issue of things to come in a newly re-vamped G.I.Joe universe.  One thing you’ll note from the start is that classis Joe scribe from the original 1980’s Marvel version, Larry Hama is back.  He is re-envisioning the Joe universe into contemporary times and while it’s a fresh take on most of the character we all grew up with, he promises to add a few new ones in due time as well.  The biggest teaser Larry Hama indicated in a brief interview at the back of the issue was that he is creating a new bad guy that will even give Destro and Cobra Commander a run for their money.

It’s also promising to see a return, although again an updated look to their classic costumes.  While Devil’s Due did a makeover on some of the characters that were positive (Cobra Commander for one), other Joe’s looks took off in a completely other direction.  And clearly, there doesn’t seem much influence from the upcoming movie (2009) incorporated in their duds either.

But I was also happy to learn, there just won’t be one Joe title, but three.  One of them, G.I.Joe: Cobra will only be a 4 issue series however, but we’ll get to see things from the viewpoint of our favorite terrorist organization. 

Oh and Hama reports there will be no Cobra-La either.

Anyway, there are three seperate sneak previews contained within the issue…just enought to get you excited and the characters are pretty reconizable, although they’re all Joe’s…no Cobra’s.

I got the impression that the Devil’s Due run, especially the last 12 part arc ‘World War III’ will be ignored (thank God, as the series ended horribly) as this is a re-imagining of the franchise.  There were hints dropped that the Joe’s are just forming and just learning of Cobra.  To be honest, I am not exactly sure how I feel about that as there is some classic history and lore that I just won’t be able to dismiss that came out of the 80’s, and ever some decent arcs from Devil’s Due as well.

But all in all, the Joe franchise is back and I couldn’t be more excited.

Enterprise – Revealed

New Enterprise

New Enterprise

Entertainment Weekly magazine has issued a photo of the newly visualized iconic starship Enterprise, from J.J. Abrams upcoming reboot of Star Trekcoming May 8, 2009.

Abrams wanted to take the original TV-series Enterprise and the movie franchise Enterprise and fuse them together into a new yet familiar Enterprise.  His ambition was a ship that felt very realistic, that could stand up to today’s F/X standards — and beyond.  “if you’re going to do Star Trek, there are many things you cannot change.  The Enterprise is a visual touchstone for so many people.  So if you’re going to do the Enterprise, it better look like the Enterprise, because otherwise, what are you doing?”

Comics: Daredevil #111

DD 111 Variant CoverWriter Ed Brubaker introduces his newest character creation, Lady Bullseye into the Daredevil mythos with issue #111.

While some fans when first hearing about a ‘lady’ version of Bullseye may cringe at the seemingly un-originality of the character hopefully will be pleasantly surprised.  I know I was.  More times than not, when a character spawns off a facsimile of the original, (Red Arrow to Green Arrow, Kid Flash to The Flash as examples) I personally think this as very lazy and uncreative to the original writers.  These characters may develop into their own over time (thankfully most do) but the process in generally long and arduous.

It doesn’t seem this way with Lady Bullseye.  While all that much isn’t revealed about her origin, Brubaker does indeed in just the first 10 pages or so gives the readers just enough of a glimpse into her past to understand her basest motivations and the ‘why’ as to how she is Lady Bullseye.  I’m already looking forward to when the original Bullseye (currently a Thunderbolt) learns of her introduction into the mainstay Marvel Universe and how he will react.  I predict he’s not going to like the fact someone is using his name, and I’d like to think Brubaker has plans for a confrontation down the line.  I think that can almost be it’s own issue, one shot, or miniseries in itself with no interference of Matt Murdock (aka Daredevil).

Her gimmick hasn’t been totally revealed yet other than the fact she is versed in the martial arts, can kill with no qualms (especially harsh against men), and is acrobatic.  Other abilities will most likely be revealed in the next few issues, like can she target objects with pin point accuracy as Bullseye namesake implies and proves time after time.

Anyway, a well done character introduction which doesn’t come off as a desperate ploy to just create a new nemisis.  Lady Bullseye has also already injected herself into the Iron Fist mythos as well, and may even become a main foil for Danny Rand let alone Daredevil.

As the issue progresses, there is also a welcomed twist between Matt and partner Dakota North.  Again, like Lady Bullseye, Brubaker handles the situation masterfully.  As things develop, it seems to make sense to the reader and not rushed at all.  The last few pages see an emotionally conflicted Matt Murdoch wondering about his institutionalized wife Milla and an independent spirited Dakota.  I felt as if I really understood Matt’s feelings.

Clay Mann’s pencils always impress.  His designs on both Lady Bullseye are unique and make her already very memorable amongst a sea of spandex.  Mann’s treatment and mood of the scenes between both Matt and Dakota are also done very well and seem very upscale for a comic.  There’s a lot of detail in his minimalist panels, and without spoiling the fun, the scenes in Matt’s home really convey the overall mood and tone of quiet and intense moments between friends, and things to come.

Star Trek trailer to hit with 007



Star Trek fans can be heard holding their Tribbles tightly this week as Paramount Pictures has announced that a new Star Trek trailer will be attached to this weeks 007 opening, Quantum of Solace.

The trailer will also be released online at 1pm EST on November 17th on the official Star Trek website as well.

Two new posters, one featuring Spock (Zachary Quinto) and one of Kirk (Chris Pine) also debut this week.